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- Serve all your friends and family easily with a new tap or ice tub!

- Need a CO2 cannister refilled for your keggerator or paintabll gun? Come on in and let us fill it up for you! - we are able to fill up to a 5 pound tank.

- Have an existing tap and need it serviced? Find the parts and hoses you need to keep your beer flowing right here at Birdsboro Beverage Co.

Call ahead for availability of our kegs and barrels! 610-582-2431

Stop by or call now to inquire about renting the party tap wagon!


Want to step up your party a notch or two? Be the ultimate party host with our five-tap mobile party wagon system filled with the beer or soda of your choice! With 3 wagons, capable of holding up to 30 kegs each, we can accomodate any party!

Quality tap, tub and CO2 service

Choose from a huge selection of kegs!

Be the king of beers with our party tap wagon!

You'll find all your favorite beers ready to be picked up in a keg or barrel! Host your next party or gathering with your friends' favorite brews. Simply call ahead or stop by today!

Rent the party wagon as long as you need

Have a weekend family function? How about a week-long music festival? No problem! The party tap wagon is available as long as you need to rent it - including refills as needed! Simply call today for pricing and availability. Book in advance and ensure a memorable party!

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